Earth Day Celebration Planned for April 2024

Earth Day the Southwest Organization for Sustainability (SOS)  Planning Team will put the library to work as it plans this year’s Earth Day celebration.

Earth Day

Which will take place on Sunday, April 21, in Centennial Park, along the riverwalk and at the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership site. Individuals, schools, organizations, professionals etc. are invited to make the best of the 2024 Earth Day celebrations, or support the Games.

And everyone in the community is invited to come and enjoy the river, more details of the scheme are given below.

We need yesterday to make healthy and safe singing for our animals, correcting the thought that dams should be pleasant in everyone’s chosen life. A brief historical overview of this will show how well equipped “we the people” have become. This year, April 22, 2024, will be the 54th Earth Day celebration, following a shocking demonstration that began in 1970, in which 20 million people marched in the United States for hours, leading to the seminal law being announced in the next few years.

The Environmental Protection Act and the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Act were among the most important of these efforts. In 1990, Earth Day went global and 200 million people participated in 141 countries. Today, more than 1 billion people from 192 countries are involved and the need or the need for resources in our country is huge, one and one center has gone into this work, which is a great threat to our natural resources. Check for more details.

The day’s programs begin at 9 a.m. with a meditative experience accompanied by a period of time. At 10 o’clock there will be an opening ceremony, during which children are invited by community pillars and products, various clothes, lotteries, clothes changes, etc.; Such persons will be invited for immersion tour program and the need to collect identification will arise frequently.

The Geoparks Amphitheater will offer everyone a chance to speak on a variety of local gardening topics; Gonde for Seniors, Composting Services, Migratory Birds, Plastics, Recycling; And the main introduction to Wolfwood Refuge. community tea ceremonies and community potlucks for all; Close the window and stop for a photo at the SOS booth as the kids meander through Bizzlan Racing and the Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition, and each mother’s son in an earth-inspired costume.

When any of his periods pass, the day will come with a solitary song. Make regular contact with the date.

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